Zuraqqor fighters are also known as“ ground strafers” because of their frequent use in planetary assaults.[2]

Class A Zuraqqor Battle Cruiser serve as light carriers and serve as mobile bases for 1 to 5 fighters.

Notes & References[edit | edit source]

  • Source: Dragon Magazine #95 pp 71, 73 The Zuraqquor Strike Back!, by Brian Valentine
  1. Minimum hull size to mount a laser battery is HS-3; it can be assumed that this HS-2 design is an exception to this rule OR a Laser Pod can be mounted instead.
  2. Note that only the laser battery can be used in the atmosphere; Assault Rockets use hydrogen explosions to launch the rocket towards the target; any attempt to fire an assault rocket inside the atmosphere will result in the destruction of the fighter in a nuclear explosion.
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