Type: Giant Omnivore
Number: 1
Move: Medium
IM/RS: +4/40
Stamina: 800
Attack: 40
Damage: 20d10
Special Attack: None
Special Defense: Immune to doze and needler effects
Native World: Alcazzar – plains, forests


The zwerrah is a quadruped that roams freely about the plains, forests, and moraines. No creatures native to Alcazzar are capable of threatening it. Its legs are short and its body is quite stocky. Averaging 10 meters long, 4 meters high, and 3 meters wide, the zwerrah towers over all other animals on Alcazzar. It is covered with coarse black hair, except for its eyes and nose. The eyes of a zwerrah are incredibly keen, and mounted on the top of its head, so it can see for great distances. The zwerrah possess almost no sense of hearing, and a very limited sense of smell, however.

The zwerrah has adapted to Alcazzar’s severe winters by going into deep hibernation, usually in a cave or niche in some rocks. During the time it is active, the zwerrah is incredibly voracious, eating any form of meat available, as well as tons of karakah fruit. The zwerrah preys upon any creatures that do not get out of its path in time.

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